March 2, 2016




Welcome to the Permian High School Choir Department, one of the most outstanding choral programs in the state of Texas!  Membership in this organization requires hard work, pride, and a serious commitment to excellence.  Let’s work together during this school year to maintain the excellence we have come to know as tradition.  This investment of time, effort and energy will create a harvest of life-long benefits beyond measure.

This handbook is designed to introduce you to the choral tradition at Permian High School and to provide you with the information regarding course selection grading procedures, eligibility, private lessons, uniforms, fees, fundraising, choir trip, and choir activities.  As the year progresses, any additions or changes will be provided to you via the students.  As a member of a Permian Choir, you are accountable for the information contained in this handbook.

We are excited about the opportunities that await us this year.  Thank you for your support of music education in Ector County ISD.  It is a privilege to have you as a valued part of our choir program.


Aaron Hawley
Director of Choirs

Suvanna Lyon
Associate Director of Choirs

Kenneth Sieloff
Associate Director of Choirs

Ginger Storey
Associate Director of Choirs

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Permian Choir Website



  • Women’s Chorale:  A non-varsity women’s chorus focusing on voice building and performance, this class meets 3rd & 8th periods (10:30-11:35 / 3:35-4:25).
  • Belle Chanson: A non-varsity women’s chorus focusing on voice building and performance.  This group is comprised of select 9th and 10th grade ladies.  This class meets 7th period (2:40-3:30).
  • Panther Chorale: A non-varsity men’s chorus focusing on voice building and performance.  This group is comprised of 9th and 10th grade men.  This class meets 2nd period (9:35-10:25).
  • Concert Choir:  A non-varsity mixed chorus focusing on performance and voice building.  This group is comprised of a majority of 11th & 12th graders, NTO students, and a select few 9th graders and 10th graders. This group meets 1st period (8:40-9:30).  Members of Concert Choir are also part of the Varsity Women’s and Varsity Men’s choirs, for their respective genders.
  • Permian HS Varsity Men’s Chorus: A varsity men’s chorus focusing on performance.  This class is comprised of the men from both Concert Choir and Kantorei.  This group meets on Monday nights as scheduled.  Other special practices may be required.
  • Permian HS Varsity Women’s Chorus: A varsity women’s chorus focusing on performance.  This class is comprised of the men from both Concert Choir and Kantorei.  This group meets on Monday nights as scheduled.  Other special practices may be required.
  • Black Magic: A select performance ensemble chosen from Kantorei members, this class meets 6th period (1:45-2:35).
  • Kantorei: A varsity mixed chorus focusing on performance.  This class meets 5th period (12:35-1:40).  Members of Kantorei are also part of the Varsity Women’s and Varsity Men’s choirs, for their respective genders.


  • Music Theory Advanced Placement (AP):  7th period (2:40-3:30)   This class is offered to any student at PHS who has previously had instrumental and/or vocal training and who desires to further enhance his/her skills and possibly consider a career in the field of music.


  • Choral Music and Folder – New students in the Permian Choir are issued a black choir folder upon payment of their choir fees.  Students should store their music and/or materials distributed throughout the year in this folder.  Students will receive a daily grade for having their assigned folder and materials in hand at the beginning of rehearsals.  The folder is our gift to our students upon their graduation from Permian HS as a member of the Permian Choir program.  Lost, damaged, or defaced folders must be replaced immediately at the cost of $15.00 per folder.
  • Pencil – Each folder will be supplied with one pencil. Students should sharpen this pencil at the beginning of class if necessary.  Pens are not acceptable.


Grades in the Permian Choir program will be earned and based on personal accountability.  Students who work hard and are committed on a daily basis will be successful!

A choir member’s six weeks grade will be an average of the following:

Participation (50%) – Students must be present at daily rehearsals to receive participation credit.  Please see the section on attendance for more information.

  • The student will be on task and focused during all rehearsals.
  • The students will have folder, music, pencils and supplies.
  • The student will be prepared to sing his/her part successfully.
  • The student will mark music and take notes as needed.
  • The student must be present at a daily rehearsal to receive participation credit.

Skills (5%) – Students will be expected to improve individual music skills.  This improvement will be assessed through a variety of testing methods.

  • The student will evaluated through recorded singing exams, individual singing exams, sightreading exams, and written exams.
  • The students will be evaluated on improvement of ensemble skills during daily rehearsals.

Performance (45%) – Students will receive a grade for each performance during a grading period.  Please see the section on attendance for more information.

  • Performances will be counted as major exam grades.
  • The number of performances will be determined by the performance calendar.
  • If no public performance occurs during a grading period, the performing grade will be based upon informal classroom performances determined by the director.


Participation in rehearsals and performances outside of class time is part of the choir program at Permian High School.  Concerts are NOT considered extra-curricular activities by the University Interscholastic League (UIL).  Attendance and participation is mandatory and part of the student’s grade.  Please carefully read the guidelines below:

Punctual attendance is required at all rehearsals and concerts. An unexcused absence will result in a zero test grade which will significantly impact a student’s average for the grading period and may result in a student’s dismissal from his/her respective ensemble.  If a student misses a rehearsal or concert due to a last-minute problem, Mr. Hawley and your primary choir director should be contacted as soon as possible, preferably that same day.  All communication regarding unanticipated absences from rehearsals or concerts must be made with the student’s director within 24 hours. If a student knows prior to the rehearsal or concert that he/she will be tardy or absent due to an unavoidable conflict, the choir absence form should be submitted at least two days in advance.

Excused absences for concerts and rehearsals outside of class time are at the discretion of Mr. Hawley.  Conflicts with other Permian activities scheduled at the same time should be brought to Mr. Hawley’s attention, and he will contact the PHS teacher or coach in charge to seek an excused absence from the conflicting activity.  These are handled on a case-by-case basis.  UIL activities and competitions, according to the school district, receive top priority.  Students are not permitted to miss UIL activities and competitions/concerts of one organization for rehearsals, practices, or recreational activities (such as banquets) of another organization.  It is the responsibility of the student to communicate a conflict ahead of time to their primary director so that we may help resolve a conflict if possible.

VERY IMPORTANT: Since ample advance notice is given for concerts and extra rehearsals, a job will not be considered as an excused absence.  Also, Driver’s Education will not be considered as an excused absence for concert attendance.


All members of the Permian Choral Department are expected to maintain academic eligibility throughout the entire school year. The majority of our activities require students to be eligible; furthermore, a student’s academic status is a reflection of the entire program. Emphasis and attention will be given to academics.  Students who do not consistently maintain academic eligibility may be removed from their respective ensemble at the discretion of the director.  Any student needing help in any way is encouraged to communicate with their primary director immediately.

Students involved in UIL activities (all music, athletics, academic, etc.) are allowed 13 total absences during a school year for UIL purposes. PHS choir members should reserve 2 UIL absences for choir.  Students involved in multiple UIL organizations must communicate with their primary director AND THEIR COACHES/SPONSORS concerning their attendance status!


Monday evenings must be reserved and free of any conflict for all members of a Permian Choir for the second semester.  All-Region practices will also occur on Mondays in the fall.  Monday night rehearsals will be announced well in advance and schedules should be kept open in the second semester in order to attend.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not schedule activities (especially classes) on the evenings of your extra rehearsals! You should not schedule to work at this time. These rehearsals are for the benefit of the entire choir department as we prepare for special performances and competitions.  Students will be notified if a rehearsal is to be abbreviated or cancelled.   


All students are expected to be in their seat with their folder and pencil when the tardy bell rings.  Class begins when the tardy bell rings!  Students who need to use the restroom should do so BEFORE the tardy bell rings.  Students not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings will be considered tardy.  Once the choir room door closes, students will only be allowed to enter with an official office pass – no handwritten notes from teachers.  At the conclusion of the class, students must stay in the classroom rather than the hallway until the dismissal bell rings.


When you use a cell phone you are having a conversation with someone.  No one would dare answer a cell phone during a rehearsal and start carrying on a conversation, because they understand how disrespectful that would be.  Texting during a rehearsal is ALSO having a conversation.  Doing this in a rehearsal will not be tolerated at any time.

We will strictly follow the Permian HS cell phone policy – if any choir director (regardless of who is teaching) observes a student using a cell phone during a rehearsal, that phone will immediately be confiscated and turned into the office (not returned at the end of class).  There will be NO exceptions to this rule!  Failure to turn over a cell phone on the first request will immediately result in a second request.  Failure to turn over a cell phone after the second request will result in disciplinary action from a principal.  JUST DON’T TAKE OUT YOUR PHONE DURING REHEARSAL!


Jackets will be awarded to seniors who have completed the following requirements:

  1. Three-year choir members (including transfer students)
  2. Auditioned for All-Region choir two years while at Permian

Jackets will also be awarded to those members who have made an All-State choir.


Private voice lessons are strongly encouraged for any and all members of the Permian Choir program. These lessons will enhance and improve vocal and musical development. Please contact one of our private voice teacher directly if you are interested.  The charge is $20 per lesson.

Kimberly Corman – 432.413.2622

Jeb Harris – 432.212.4677

Christie Kidd – 432.940.5571

Kathy Lollar – Contact West Texas Music Academy

Laurie Wash – 432.770.5946


Permian Choir members will be issued uniforms to wear in most concerts and at all UIL and festival competitions. You are expected to treat the uniform with care and pride.  The cleaning of all uniforms will be handled by the department at the end of the year.  Periodic cleaning and care of your uniform will be your responsibility throughout the year.


  • Women will be issued a black, floor-length dress.
  • Black shoes are to be provided by the student.
  • Personal jewelry is limited to small earrings and small bracelets. No necklaces.


  • Kantorei men will be provided with a tuxedo package which includes a jacket, shirt, pants, long tie, tuxedo shoes, and vest.
  • Dress socks are to be provided by the student.


  • Mixed choir men will be provided will be provided with tux pants, bow tie, and cummerbund.
  • Solid black shoes and long black dress socks are to be provided by the student.
  • Students may choose to rent black tux shoes from the choir department for $15 a year.

Kantorei choir members will also receive an embroidered garment bag that should be used only for uniform storage throughout the year.  These garment bags must be returned at the end of the year.   The replacement cost for lost or damaged bags is $50.


Choir members will have the opportunity and option to participate in FOUR fundraisers during the school year. The profit from each student’s sales will be credited to the individual and applied toward expenses in choir.  We encourage students from all grade levels to participate in the fundraisers to begin raising money for this year or future trips.


Our goal as a choir department is to keep all student fees to a minimum.  The following list contains most of the anticipated costs (mandatory and optional) that are associated with choir.  Please note that all payments should be made by cash, check, or money order.  Checks should be made payable to Permian Choir.  Students will be shown the procedure for depositing money into the lock box in the choir room.  All money turned into the PHS Choir should be deposited in the lock box and NOT “handed” to a choir director.

  • Kantorei Fee: ($50.00) – This fee is to be paid by Kantorei members ONLY. It covers necessary expenses and maintenance toward uniforms throughout the year as well as the end of the year cleaning expense for all uniforms. These costs include hemming and repairs as necessary.

This fee is due no later than Friday, September 25.

  • Choir Fee: ($25.00) – This fee is to be paid by all choir members, except Kantorei. It covers necessary expenses and maintenance toward uniforms throughout the year as well as the end of the year cleaning expense for all uniforms. These costs include hemming and repairs as necessary.

This fee is due no later than Friday, September 25.

  • All-Region Fee: ($15.00) Only for students electing to audition for the All-Region Choir, this payment will cover the audition fee as well as lunch on the day of the audition.  This fee cannot be refunded once a student enters the competition.

This fee is due no later than Friday, September 25.

  • Booster Club Registration: ($15.00 per family) By becoming members of the booster club, families support the activities of the choir program and provide for the large capital expenses of the organization.  These funds are also used to provide scholarships for graduating seniors.
  • Permian Choir T-Shirts: ($15.00)Support your choir by wearing our traditional Permian Choir T-Shirt.  These should be available within the first month of school.
  • Tux Shoe Rental: ($15.00)Our students are required to wear nice black dress shoes with their uniforms.  Varsity men are provided a pair of tuxedo shoes that they keep with their uniform as part of their fees.  Non-Varsity men may also rent a pair of shoes for the school year for $15.  These shoes will be stored at PHS for the students.
  • Choir Parties: ($15.00)Back by popular demand, the Permian Choir will have three parties this year for all of its members.  In the fall, we will support our football team before one of the games by having a tailgate party at Ratliff Stadium.  In December, the entire choir program will get together to have our annual Christmas Party.  This year we are encouraging our choir members to bring a friend to both of these parties.  They may pay for this guest closer to the date of the event.  The final party, the Bowling, will be held in the Spring.  Sign-ups for all parties will have deadlines.  Please watch these closely so that you are not left out!  There will not be refunds for non-attendance of parties.


  1. Always be early so you are on time for all rehearsals and performances.
  2. Enter the choir room with a mature, energetic, and positive attitude.
  3. Be responsible and professional. Always have your folder, music, and pencil.
  4. Maintain respect for the choral music room facilities… Do not play any piano without permission from a director!
  5. No food or drink (except bottled water) will be permitted.
  6. No gum in rehearsals. You cannot properly sing with gum in your mouth.
  7. If the door is closed, obtain permission to enter the directors’ offices and the music library.
  8. Respect everyone around you.
  9. Always give 100% of your effort and ability. Be committed to doing your best!
  10. Take pride in the Permian Choir program. You are part of something very unique!



When attending one of our concerts, all audience members are encouraged to follow some well-established standards for formal concert behavior.

  • Refrain from talking during the performance.
  • Remain seated for the entire concert if at all possible.  If it is absolutely necessary to do so, move only between selections and exit at the nearest door.
  • Wait to re-enter the auditorium until the performing group is finished.
  • Applause is only appropriate form of expressing appreciation.  A good rule of thumb is to wait until the conductor lowers his or her hands to indicate the completion of the selection or work.
  • Please eliminate disruptions by removing small children who are crying or speaking loudly and refraining from using cell phones (even texting) during the performance.


Website – In an effort to communicate with parents in an easier and more efficient manner, we will post information on our website:

Facebook – For most events, we will post reminders on our Facebook page.  Feel free to like our page.  It can easily be found by searching for Permian Choir on Facebook.

Charms (emails) –  We use an online computer database for choir called “Charms.”  On this system you will be able to provide updates in your contact information, check your students’ balances, and check the choir calendar.  Please take a moment to provide us with your contact information ASAP.

     To Access Charms

  • Go to
  • On the right hand side, follow the menu to Parent/Student login
  • Enter the code – “PermianHSChoir”
  • On the next page, type in your student’s ID number as the Student Password

Remind (text messages) – Many people prefer to receive text alerts for events.  Both students and parents can sign up for these messages through Remind.  To do so, please text @phscho (with the @ sign) to 81010.   To unsubscribe to this system, you just need to reply to a text with unsubscribe @phscho.